Metabolism & Diets

Metabolism is the process whereby the body converts the food we eat in our diets into energy we can use. The body uses this energy either at that moment itself or can utilize it for bodily repairs or at a time when the body needs energy, say some time later. If the body needs energy some tie later then this energy is stored as fat in the body. Thus people who have a faster metabolism rate burn calories from their stored fat at a much faster rate. Metabolism is generally affected by the kind of food we eat.

Metabolism and diets have a direct relationship. Researchers say that people who are overweight and do not have any other health risk such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol should focus on having a balanced healthy diet along with exercise to speed up their metabolism rate in order to maintain a healthy weight forever.

Every person needs some minimum calories to sustain the basic minimum functioning of our system. If a person is overweight or obese he will surely need more energy to fuel the functioning of the system.

One of the important ways to reduce weight is to step up the metabolic rate of the body so that more of the calories are burnt and there are less fat deposits in the body. The metabolism of the body speeds up during the process of digestion. Therefore never go without food or on a crash diet because the body assumes that it is a state of starvation and hence automatically slows down the rate of burning fat into calories. Hence you hardly reach near your desired weight goal.

The following things can speed up your metabolism rate:

Low metabolism rate, i.e. the rate of burning calories Lack of physical exercise
Low physical activity Genetic factors
Overeating Psychological problems

Exercising regularly makes your body to burn calories at a faster rate. Even when you have stopped exercising then also the effect of it continues and the body keeps on burning calories at the same fast rate. In order to take the benefit of the natural and willing process of your body’s capacity of burning calories, take your food regularly, otherwise if you remain empty stomach for a long period your body’s metabolic rate will automatically slow down. Metabolism being governed by thousands of separate chemical reactions; and in order to perform this process efficiently, a constant supply of nutrients is very much essential. Without these nutrients metabolism becomes inefficient. Thus the best way to ensure good dietary nutrition is to follow a balanced diet with healthy food.

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